A Conversation with L

by Rachael on August 14, 2013

Me: How do you feel about going to kindergarten next year?

(Next year actually begins in a bit less than four weeks.)

L (after pausing for some thought): I don’t want to go, I do want to go.

Me: Oh, so you feel both ways. Why do you want to go?

L: ’Cuz I wanna make friends with the friends there.

Me: And why don’t you want to go?

L: ’Cuz I’ve never been there before.

(My first thought was, When did my little one get to be so wise? But the truth is, he has always been this way.)

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Lauren August 16, 2013 at 4:37 PM

Love that “…he’s always been this way.” So true.
Thanks for visiting earlier. I’m so glad to connect with a fellow NYC mama. 🙂


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