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I could call this life of mine a mess, but really it’s not that bad. Let’s call it variegated. I write here about what’s on my mind, including the books I’m reading and my efforts to raise a family, do a job, and make art all under one roof.

The family is my husband, Brian (aka Beckett), and our two boys, L and C (aka the Critter and the Gnome). We live in Brooklyn.

I hope that you’ll follow along.


Some links . . .

I teach Online Advanced Poetry with the Writers Studio. In February 2016 I was honored to be interviewed by Brooklyn Poets.

Here’s my poem “Housekeeping,” first published in the Summer 2011 issue of Rattle, and here’s my poem “Mommy” at Literary Mama.

And here are some readings . . .
January 2010 at KGB
January 2012 at KGB
April 2014 at Greenwich House
February 2016 at KGB

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