On My Mind, 01.31.11

by Rachael on January 31, 2011

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

In my post about keeping your desk clean, I didn’t end up including these links to images of some beautiful work spaces (and some not-so-great work spaces, IMO) at Apartment Therapy. I gleaned many good ideas for my own work space from studying such photos, mostly at Apartment Therapy.

At An Accident of Hope, Summer finds that getting current (what I call “taking care of old karma”) is one key to happiness. She also shares a super awesome list of 100 things (or maybe 91?) she wants to do in 2011. Since reading this post, I’ve contemplated writing such a list for myself, but I’ve decided that now is not the time: I really don’t need to be giving myself yet another assignment, even of things that I want to do. Perhaps I’ll write a similar list (though probably not so long) on my birthday, in May.

Blue Milk describes life with an extroverted toddler: “The only trouble with extroverts is all their extra extraversion.”

At The Parent Vortex, Michelle discusses realistic discipline for hitting, biting toddlers. They can’t help it! Really!

At Strocel.com, Amber discovers the roar of a mother. Actually, I like the sound of it.

At Her Bad Mother, Catherine describes the weekly wardrobe of the work-at-home mother and longs for better shoes. With my wide, flat feet, I’ve never been particularly interested in shoes; most of them either don’t fit or just look stupid on my feet. But the wish to wear something other than yoga pants and hoodies: that, I get.

And, in this post at The Practical Dilettante, Seonaid writes:

He [an English professor] said that by the time you’ve worked with ideas long enough to integrate them into your thinking, they become so obvious that they no longer seem worth reporting. Only, he also pointed out, this reasoning is flawed. Clearly they now are “obvious” to you, but the ways in which they fit into your own worldview and the ways in which they are new contributions can get lost in the process of thinking them through. Which is why, right this moment, I’m working on showing up. Writing, whether it works or not. Thinking, whether it is true or not. Struggling with the words, getting them down … having faith that they will eventually hang together. Or the deadline will hit, and they will have to do.

Oh, yes!

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