On My Mind: 03.05.12

by Rachael on March 5, 2012

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

As the mother of a teeny tiny baby and a vibrant three-year-old, I’m surprised to find that I’m not (yet?) completely frazzled. Of course, it helps that Brian has been at home part-time, on the days that the Critter isn’t at school. It also helps that we’re co-sleeping. Among the first things I did upon returning home from the hospital, in fact, was reread Annie’s article on co-sleeping safety at PhD in Parenting.

At Blue Milk, a pie graph on the secret agenda of breastfeeding moms. Though I kinda agree with Issa.

At My Plastic-free Life, plastic-free mascara and other cosmetics! Yay! When it comes to cosmetics, really all I want is eyeliner, lip color, and the occasional eyeshadow, but they’re not important enough to me to buy if there’s plastic involved. Ecco Bella also has plastic-free cosmetics, which I can buy locally.

At Apt. 11D, a tale of two school districts. Wow. Laura concludes:

I felt really guilty about moving. I felt like a quitter for giving up. Some friends stopped talking to me after I moved, because they thought I was a traitor. As a guilt-ridden liberal, I think that grouping ourselves by social class is one of the true evils in society. But one person can’t change things. I tried. I met with teachers and administrators. I volunteered my time on committees. I attended Town Council meetings and wrote letters. One person can’t change anything, and my kid is too precious to become a victim to my politics.

I spent years studying education policy, but I haven’t written about it in a while. I’m not sure that I’ve entirely given up hope that change can happen, but I’m nearly there. The problems  that I saw between the two schools — attitude, expectations, and culture — are very hard to change with any neat public policy. I’m not quite sure what to do.

At Wise Way Tribe, a beautiful drawing.

And at Literary Mama, a beautiful poem by Vicki L. Wilson.

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