On My Mind: 05.02.11

by Rachael on May 2, 2011

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

It’s May, and the green of the trees is nearly fully green, hurrah! Compare this photo of Ocean Avenue that I took on Saturday with the photo I posted just more than a week ago!

But. I’m sick. Again. *sigh*

So. Short and sweet today! (And a bit later than usual …)

At Maternalselves, Natalia has been reading Delusions of Gender by Cornelia Fine and wrote two related posts — one having to do with women in science, and another having to do with that oft-repeated comment, “Oh, he is such a boy” (meaning, active, mischievous, whatever). Clearly, I need to add Fine’s book to my list of books on feminist mothering. When The Brian Lehrer Show recently did a call-in asking teachers whether or not they teach boys and girls differently — and if so, how — I thought my head would pop off. As I commented at Maternalselves,

The whole question is so stupid. For example, someone (don’t remember if it was [Brian Lehrer] or a caller) mentioned idea [sic] that boys could stand at lecterns rather than sit at desks. But what about the active girls? Will they be stuck at desks? Why not have lecterns and desks (and rugs and whatever else) for boys and girls to work at, as they see fit — as in a Montessori classroom? And don’t these ideas about boys and girls in the classroom serve, for example, to reify the supposed docility of girls as “natural” rather than socially constructed and enforced?

*   *   *

And …

At The Parent Vortex, Michelle offers useful phrases for gentle discipline (thanks to Stefanie of Very Very Fine for reminding me about this one). She also teases out the distinction between attachment parenting and permissive parenting.

At Her Bad Mother, Catherine questions the idea that mothering necessarily involves sacrifice.

And Seth Godin says that for those who wish to make art, yes, failure is an option. Also, we should choose our dreams carefully.

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Natalia May 3, 2011 at 2:25 PM

Thanks Rachel for mentioning some of our maternalselves’ posts, and thanks also including in your blog all these fantastic posts.
I hope you feeling better soon.
Natalia recently posted… On working from home and other domestic joys


Rachael May 4, 2011 at 9:05 AM

Thanks. The flu-ish, cold-ish thing is pretty much gone, but then yesterday I sprained my foot. The pain last night was comparable to labor pain, without the promise of a baby in the end. Much better today, but I’m stuck in bed. Ah, the stupidity.


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