On My Mind: 06.06.11

by Rachael on June 6, 2011

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

For those who work outside the home but dream of being a work-at-home parent like me (ha! ha! how I like the idea of my life as the stuff of dreams), Kelly Berkley provides a guide for asking for a telecommuting arrangement at MomsRising.org.

Though, beware! At exhale. return to center, Erin points out that if you’re not careful, working at home can result in lots of burnt toast. I have never! never! burned any innocent toast because of my work. But I confess that many pots of oatmeal and at least one of lentils has suffered…. Erin also points our way to the series on working from home at Simple Mom.

And Seth Godin says, if you’re going to work, just work.

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The Practical Dilettante, Seonaid, discovers that though you can perhaps fool yourself, you cannot fool a four-year-old.

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In her second guest post at PhD in Parenting, Andrea Doucet reflects on Equally Shared Parenting as practiced by Amy and Marc Vachon. I particularly like the types of questions she uses to check in with her husband on their relationship and parenting: “Are the kids OK? Am I getting what I need? Is he getting what he needs? Are we both meeting our goals? Are our family relationships strong?”

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At Pikaland, Melanie Maddison interviews Summer Pierre. Perversely, though, my favorite quotation is from an interview that Pierre did with author Ayun Halliday:

Remember that it’s ultimately your fault if you end up frittering away those precious non-job hours. Don’t spend them all on the Internet, or in front of some video. Take your work to a coffeehouse (and forget about your Facebook page while you’re there). Then, when it’s done, don’t let timidity, or other people’s indifference consign it to a drawer. Self-publish and sell it yourself too. Hang it on street signs. Provide free entertainment on a busy corner….

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At Her Bad Mother, Catherine explains why vampires could never have babies.

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At quasiagitato, Christine takes on the voice of someone who’s “square” with life.

Those, you know, those monks? In the orange robes? Who, like, never talk and plant stuff and sweep the floor all the time or some shit? That’s the deal, right there. That’s good livin’. I wanna figure how to live like that but in the real world. You know? ‘Cause the rest of it is just pointless.

Oh yeah, me too, sometimes.

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