On My Mind: 10.24.11

by Rachael on October 24, 2011

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

At Sew Liberated, Meg has chucked her to-do list. As for me, I’ve been headed in the opposite direction lately, though really what I want is to find the middle way.

I’m hopeless (well, mostly) when it comes to shopping for clothing, and so my wardrobe is kinda boring. At Small Notebook, Rachel provides a shopping guide for her “comfortably dressy” style. Her style is somewhat more conservative than mine would be if I, um, actually had any style; nevertheless, just about all of her advice is useful.

Blue Milk asks (again) what we’re afraid of when we’re afraid of giving in to motherhood.

Also from Blue Milk, a word about breastfeeding “nazis.”

And The Practical Dilettante, Seonaid, asks what happened to the fallow time. Oh, I’d like to know….

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Melissa October 24, 2011 at 10:11 AM

We seem to have had many of the same things on our minds this past week. That bit about chucking the to do list came just when I needed it, and so did Blue Milk’s bit on breastfeeding “nazis” as well, really. There really were some good reads this week.

As for the style, or the lack thereof, I can relate. I’ll have to check out that shopping guide.


Rachael October 24, 2011 at 8:40 PM

I would love to chuck my to-do list, but that would result in my missing deadlines. As it is, I’ve been haunted all day that it might *actually* be Tuesday, in which case I would have completely missed teaching my online class!

Rachel’s shopping guide is helpful; plus she’s done a lot of posts on how she gradually assembled her wardrobe — apparently without spending a gazillion dollars, either. Very good tips, and definitely a process I’d like to follow once I’m past this big-belly phase.


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