On My Mind: 11.28.11

by Rachael on November 28, 2011

Mondays at The Variegated Life: links to some stuff I’ve liked …

I thank everyone who wrote such kind comments on my last Wordless Wednesday post before I vanished into a weeks-long break. The truth is, the break wasn’t so much a break as simply a break from the blog; I’ve worked at least a few hours every day (yes, including Thanksgiving!) since sometime in early October. And now I’m tired, and I’m not quite finished. Aargh. At least there’s an end in sight, though in this late November darkness, it’s kinda hard to see sometimes.

Nevertheless, I’m back … with just a couple links. There’s quite a lot of unread posts in my Google Reader, and I’m tempted to mark all as read, but I’m not quite there yet. In the meantime, while I decide …

I’ve been thinking a lot about the stories I tell myself—or, as The Practical Dilettante might put it, the stories in which I trap myself. One of the interesting aspects of the past few several weeks is that though I’ve certainly had moments of despair, I haven’t given in to it altogether. I don’t actually believe anymore that my life will go on and on with me working much too hard much too often. My story about myself seems to be changing; I’m perhaps actually—finally!—unschooling the school of me. I plan to write about the hows and whys of it over the next couple weeks.

And, from The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks (which I stumbled upon while writing a lesson on grammar, usage, and mechanics): Please excuse our “emptiness.”

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Dionna @ Code Name: Mama November 30, 2011 at 10:28 AM

I frequently mark all as read on my Reader – and I no longer feel guilty about it 😉

TY for the sweet well wishes on Ailia’s arrival!


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