Still Little

by Rachael on May 16, 2017

Recently, when I told someone how old my kids are, she exclaimed, “They’re still little!” Her response surprised me, because now that the days of nursing, naps, and diapers are long behind us, my boys don’t seem so little to me anymore. I’m glad to have been reminded that though they have grown, they are still little. Little enough for me to pick up (though I can’t carry either of them very far), and little enough to laugh at my most ridiculous jokes.

It’s a good reminder for myself, too, as I added another year to my age on Sunday. Last fall I had grand plans for my writing; those plans unraveled in my depression after the election and also (I suspect) because I was punishing myself for daring to write (and publish!) what was for me an ambitious piece about one of my favorite writers. Now I’m worried that I’ve squandered yet another year and that I’m getting too old to make much of my grand plans. But then I imagine myself one day years from now looking back at myself as I am today and seeing just how young I still am. Far too young to give in to my anxiety and give up.

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Sarah May 19, 2017 at 6:53 AM

Yes, still little! It is sometimes hard to remember. I read your Hazlitt piece again just this week, and love it still. Be gentle; be bold! And happy birthday!
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