The Big Lie

by Rachael on September 2, 2010

After writing this post about the need to maintain boundaries, in which I noted that I lie to myself all the time, this post at Seth’s Blog struck a nerve with me, especially because more often than not, when I tell a little lie (to myself or others), I actually think I’m telling the truth. Whereas really what I’m doing is operating according to some sort of magical thinking where by expressing a wish (Oh, you want that all done by Friday? Sure, I can do that! Absolutely!) I can make it so. This week I realized that this magical thinking is based on a big, pernicious lie I tell myself: that I can be Supermom. You know, the mom who DOES IT ALL and HAS IT ALL, including a clean house? OK, when necessary, I can be Supermom (except for having the clean house). But not all the time. Think about it: most of the time, even Superman is going about under the guise of Clark Kent. He uses his superpowers only when needed.

So, lessons learned this week: thinking about everything all of the time is paralyzing, I can’t be Supermom all of the time anyway, and sometimes the best thing I can do is toss out my plans altogether.

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Six Year Itch September 2, 2010 at 5:19 PM

I wonder what Seth would say about looking in the mirror? “I’m hot, I’m hot.” *Picture snap* Clearly, not.
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