To Keep Me from Forgetting

by Rachael on March 22, 2016


Though I love the sunlit evenings of spring and summer, the adjustment to Daylight Savings Time is always more exhausting than I think it ought to be. This year the change wore me out, and on Sunday I greeted spring with a head cold.

As I often do when I’m feeling overwhelmed, last week I found myself circling back to the questions I’ve been asking myself since the four-year-old started part-time day care (well over two years ago). Do I want to keep freelancing, or do I want a full-time job? Either way, what kind of work do I want to do? What kind of writer do I want to be?

Then, while talking through these questions with one of my sisters, I realized that I had actually answered them a long time ago, but had forgotten the answers.

I want a way to remember. I want to remember not just my answers, but also that I’m not confused. To keep me from forgetting again, I want to remember that I tend to forget.

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